When is the best time to buy patio furniture?

Patio furniture is perfect for dining outdoors or simply sipping coffee during the spring or summer months. While these seasons are perfect for using our beloved patio furniture, these are not the best times to actually buy any. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or simply getting your first set, fine weather with clear and blue skies will not benefit your pocket when it comes to buying a patio furniture. With that being said, when does patio furniture go on sale?

Typically, outdoor furniture is high in supply but correspondingly high in price during summer and spring months. It will go on sale when summer ends and stores need to clear out space to make room for fall and winter items. So, specifically, when is the best time to buy patio furniture? Simply put, the further you get away from the end of summer, the better prices you can get for your outdoor furniture. If you look at prices by the end of October, it can decrease as much as 70% from the original price. This is a great deal compared to rough pricing in August time where it could only go as high as 20% reduction from the original price. The key thing here is the longer you wait, the better deal you’d get (but of course, not too long as the furniture you have been eyeing may not be available anymore).

Now that you know the best time to buy patio furniture, you might want to consider some key things before actually buying any for your property:

  • Consider the type of item that you are planning to buy. If the item you are eyeing is high in demand, you may need to buy it right away as soon as there is a sale. Store employees would be happy to provide more information about stocks on hand so make sure to ask them once in a while. If you are buying online, you might want to subscribe to item alerts so you can be informed when the item you want goes on sale.
  • Look out for local weather to properly schedule your eventual purchase. Some localities still have warm weather going into third quarter of the year which is why patio furniture prices won’t change because there are still a lot of buyers willing to pay full price. In this case, you might want to look out for sales after Christmas and New Year’s.

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